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Food Bank FAQ for First Time Users

The Sudbury Food Bank and its member agencies want to ensure that no one goes hungry during this pandemic. If you need help we are here for you. We understand that you may need to use a community food bank for the first time. Here are some pointers to help make your visit an easy experience.

1. How do I find out where the closest food bank is?

To find your local food bank location, hours of operation and phone numbers:

  • visit www.sudburyfoodbank.ca or
  • call 211 (Ontario Community and Social Services Help Line) and give them your postal code.

2. What information do I need to provide to the food bank?

All you need when you visit a food bank is to provide your name and postal code and a piece of ID that verifies that information. ID such as:

  • driver’s license
  • utility or other bill
  • correspondence from the city or province
  • if you are homeless, couch surfing, or do not have ID please contact your local food bank about your situation

3. Do I need to show ID every time?

Yes. At each visit you need to provide your name and postal code and ID that confirms this information (see #2 above).

4. How much food will I receive in one visit?

You will be given enough for 5 to 6 days, depending on the number in your family and what is available.

5. Do I need to take my own bags?

No. Food will already be bagged or boxed for you.

6. How often can I visit the food bank?

Normally people visit food banks once a month for emergency food supplies. Due to the present circumstances many food banks are offering two visits per month.

7. Can I visit more than one food bank?

No. You may only visit one location in a month, preferably the food bank allocated to your postal code.

8. Generally, what can I expect to receive in my bag(s) of food?

You will receive pantry items based on what is available. For example: pasta & sauce, canned fruit, vegetables & beans, peanut butter. You will also recieve fresh fruit & vegetables and bread. Milk, eggs & meat will be distributed when available.

9. How are food banks keeping physical distance between me and the volunteers?

Specific procedures may vary by location and facilities are changing daily to protect volunteers and people accessing the food bank.

We suggest calling your local food bank prior to visiting. Contact information is available on this website.

10. I have mobility issues or must self-isolate. How can I access my local food bank?

Please call your local food bank provider (see #1 above). There are many people volunteering their time to help people just like you.

11. Can I volunteer for a local food bank?

Please visit www.sudburyfoodbank.ca to contact area food banks to offer you help.