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A Message From Our Past Chair

I remember when Food Banks were considered a temporary or a Band-Aid fix to the shortage of food for the less fortunate. Over the years, many activists have pushed for reform in the social services and the delivery of service. There were those who suggested we closed every food bank and this would cause a crisis and force the government to its knees. The reality would have seen the poorest in our society driven even deeper into poverty. Then the simple suggestion that the healthy food basket (priced out across the province by local Health Units) be included in the assessment of welfare rates. The request fell on deaf ears as the government quickly realized the increases were not realistic to their budgets.

Food banks have become an essential and effective component in the fabric of the social safety net. They are found in colleges and universities helping students, churches, soup kitchen community centers and through many charities. The Banque d’aliments Sudbury Food Bank has since the mid 80’s acted as an umbrella organization. We choose to support the local food providers of our community by supplying food and providing positive networking.

We have along list of supporters and the work we have accomplished speaks for itself, hundreds of tons and millions of dollars worth of food has gone directly to feed people. We live our mission statement to ensure everyone has enough to eat. We welcome all who wish to help us!

Geoffrey Lougheed
Past Chair, BDSFB