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Camping For Cans 2024

Coming back for another year the crew at Pure Country 91.7 are looking to bring Sudbury together in support of the Sudbury Food Bank and our Member Agencies efforts to help our neighbours in need of food with their Camping For Cans event.

The event will be on Friday, March 15th, from 10am to 8pm.

Here is what the good folks at Pure Country 91.7 had to say:

“As much as it feels as though life is back to normal, there’s still a lot of families struggling to keep up. The growing need for access to a food bank is continuous, with more and more residents relying on the service for life’s most basic need.  Our little crew here Pure Country 91.7 has decided to once again utilize our broadcasting platform to not only help Sudbury, but rally the community together. Spreading goodness everywhere we can, all while helping those in need. We believe in using your power for good, but we have to do it in our very own way of course!

 On March 15th from 10am-8pm, we will set up camp in the middle of the New Sudbury Centre and camp out for cans, with a goal of filling our tent! Both in person & online, monetary donations are always encouraged!

 Support for the local food bank is, and has always been a necessity in any city. We want to help fill that demand, any way we CAN!”

To Donate Online in Support of the Camping For Cans Campaign Please Click Here.