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Camping For Cans 2023

Sudbury, we humbly ask for your help.  Please, mark Friday, April 14th on your calendar, as Pure Country 91.7 brings to you their first-ever “Camping for Cans” event in support of the Sudbury Food Bank! 

Pure Country Radio in Sudbury is not only known for playing the best country music, but they are also 100% devoted to utilizing their broadcasting platform to help our community where & when they CAN (pun intended). And right now, there is a continued & growing need at the Sudbury Food Bank, as an increasing amount of residents are relying on the service for life’s most basic needs.  That’s where this new initiative comes into play: 

The Event: On Friday, April 14th, 91.7 will broadcast from open-close (10am-8pm) at the New Sudbury Centre.

The Goal:  FILL A TENT with non-perishable items, and collect $ donations as well.

The Reason: To step up as a community in support of our Sudbury Food Bank.  Your donations will literally help feed the hungry in our Sudbury community. 

Sudbury has a population of over 160,000.  IMAGINE if everyone (who is willing & able) gave just a single donation, what incredible impact that could have!  

“Camping for Cans” is happening April 14th, 2023 live from the New Sudbury Centre! We hope to see you there but if you can’t make it you can donate to CAMPING FOR CANS By Clicking the button below!