Trick or Treat for Hope

Banque d'aliments Sudbury Food Bank, in association with Sudbury’s Christian youth and All Nation’s Church have had amazing success with “Trick or Treat for Hope”.  The event is now in its 4th year.

This event runs from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Halloween night.

Christian youth will go door-to-door gathering non-perishable food items to assist with our winter food supply needs. They will be registered participants wearing nametags identifying them as such. They will then deliver the food items to a center for weighing and counting.  This is a contest for the youth.  The items will then be distributed to Greater City of Sudbury area food banks.

We are asking the community to be prepared to help out and give generously.  Many areas of the city will be covered. Each donor is given a card to place in their window to indicate that they have already given.  This will alert other youth to leave that home alone. No one will be asked twice.

The results of the Halloween food drive make this event very encouraging for us and we more then anticipate the successes in years to come.  Many thanks to the efforts of Joshua Sklar and all of the caring youth that made this success possible.

Shown below Chief Ian Davidson and Rev. Jeremy Mahood lending there hands in support of BDSFB Halloween Night 2004.

We would like to express our deepest thanks to the many individuals that made Trick or Treat for Hope the success it was. Below just a few of the many people that gave their time to Greater Sudbury's less fortunate.

MAN THESE CANS ARE HEAVY but what a great time! Was a statement-uttered on several occasions during the first annual Trick or Treat for Hope Campaign completed in the City of Greater Sudbury for the Sudbury Food Bank.

Honorary Chairs Chief Ian Davidson and Reverend Jeremy Mahood and Food Bank Administrator Dan Xilon were all blessed to see a side of our communities youth that is always there if you give them an opportunity to help. It was a commitment to making a difference on our community.

This food will now be distributed to the 43 food provider agencies that make up the Sudbury Food Bank to be delivered to our areas hungry

To get such an opportunity, to help our area's poor, through the early part of the fall was a godsend. Let’s not forget that it is everyone’s basic right to have enough to eat and it is every caring civilized, society’s, responsibility to make sure this happens.

These youth certainly did their part!  People and only people can make a true difference in some one else’s life. There are organizations that do great things; but ultimately it all boils down to people.



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