The Great Race


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Sunday, June 24, 2012


A&W on Long Lake Road

Sudbury, Ontario


Program Begins: 4:10 PM
First Car Arrival: 4:40 PM
Time                                                    Description
2:00 PM                                   Public parking available. Admission to event site is free.
3:10 PM                                   Great Race sound system begins playing recorded music over PA system.
3:30 PM                                   Greater Sudbury Fire Fighters Choir (Canada’s only all firefighters choir)  sings songs for 30 minutes
4:05 PM                                   Local dignitaries arrive:
                                                  - Councilor Janice Landry-Altman, Greater Sudbury
                                                   - Member of Parliament for Sudbury – Glenn Thibeault,
                                                   - Vice President Rogers Ontario North Radio and General Manager Q92 & EZ Rock – Peter McKeown.
4:10 PM                                   Announcer – Brian “MotorMouth” Goudge begins crowd warm-up
4:15 PM                                   Great Race Director, Corky Coker arrives in the 1938 Buick Shafer 8, drives through the finish gate, is
                                                  announced to the crowd and parks.
4:17 PM                                   Corky Coker Greets crowd and welcomes them to the Great Race.
4:25 PM                                   Mayor, other local dignitaries say a few words. (5-minute maximum)
4:32 PM                                   Mellaney Dahl Q92 Morning Show host and Sudbury Food Bank Board Member Presentation on behalf on
                                                  Q92, EZ Rock, Greater Sudbury, A&W and the Sudbury food bank to Jeff Stumb – Great Race Director
4:33 PM                                   Corky Coker says prayer
4:35 PM                                   Members of Royal Canadian Legion Branch 564 Lockerby & Hillary Welch from EZ Rock presents flags
                                                   and sings both National Anthems
4:40 PM                                   First car arrives. (A new car will arrive each minute for the next hour and a half)
                                                             Corky Coker and Announcer tell the crowd about each car and
                                                             introduce the driver and navigator, including hometowns. Each car
                                                             will remain parked in its assigned spot until its allotted time to leave.
5:40 PM                                   The 61st car arrives. Cars continue to arrive at one-minute intervals
5:15 PM                                   Meals served to all drivers, navigators and staff at designated location.
6:10 PM                                   Last car arrives.
6:15 PM                                   The Bluez Broz Showband and Revue
Thank-you to all the sponsors:
A & W - Q92 - EZ Rock 105.3 - Greater Sudbury - Hampton Inn - Homewood Suites - Canadian Tire Regent Street South - Dalron Leasing - Smart Centres and Retailers - The Episode - Wal-Mart - Fontaine & Associates - Gordon Drysdale - Laurentian University Printing Services
and last but not least
Paul and Suzanne Goudreau; A & W franchisee, without whose support this whole day would not have been made possible.
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