Play It Forward Challenge

On January 17th and 18th, 2015, the Sudbury Playground Hockey League (SPHL) challenges teams participating in the SPHLGreater Sudbury Police Cup Tournament to ‘PLAY IT FORWARD’ by collecting and contributing non perishable food items from players, teammates, family and friends for the Bank d’Aliments Sudbury Food Bank (BASFB). Team contributions will be measured by volume and the top three contributing teams will each win a pizza party at the RHP Training Centre in Sudbury.


Each team will be given a Sudbury Food Bank contributor box to fill at Countryside Arena Pad #2. The SPHL relies of the support numerous community sponsors to make the tournament to happen. The BASFB ‘PLAY IT FORWARD’ CHALLENGE  is a unique opportunity for tournament participants to give back to our community where it is needed most.


The face of hunger in Greater Sudbury could be someone that is connected to you and that you see every day, without even knowing it. The continued support of the community through in-kind and financial donations will assist the Sudbury Food Bank in addressing the needs in the Greater Sudbury area. Each month the Bank d’Aliments Sudbury Food Bank and the 47 Member Agencies help to feed over 17,000 people. Of that number, more than 12,000 are children. Our entire community benefi­ts when no one goes to bed hungry.


Donation boxes for each team in every division will be available at Countryside Arena Pad #2 during the weekend of the SHPL Police Cup. Players are encouraged to challenge their teammates, coaches, parents, friends and the community to ‘PLAY IT FORWARD’ and contribute food items including the following;


Peanut Butter

Jams or Jellies

Cheese Spread

Powdered Milk

Pasta and Rice


Salt and Pepper


Tea and Co­ee

Ketchup, Mustard, Relish


Macaroni & Cheese


Canned Fish

Canned Meats


Canned Vegetables

Canned Stews

Canned Hams

Pasta Sauces

Pasta Mixes

Bottled or Canned Juices

Hot Chocolate

Baby Food and Formula



Feminine Products

Bathroom Tissue



Shampoo and Soap

Laundry and Dish Soap

Cleaning Products

Tetra Pack Juices

Granola Bars and Snacks

Canned and Packaged Soups

Canned Pastas,

Canned Fruits

Fruit Cups



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