Battery Recycling Program



Have you ever been hungry? Not because you didn’t have time to eat breakfast, but because you don’t have enough money to buy food? Can you imagine what it’s like for a family or a child to go to bed hungry every night? Unfortunately, that is the reality for over 13,000 people that need assistance from food banks or meal providers every month in the Greater Sudbury Area.


Helping the Banque d’aliments Sudbury Food Bank is as easy as recycling your used house hold batteries! The Banque d’aliments Sudbury Food Bank has made it easy for you to drop off your used household batteries at any of the 3 local Canadian Tire Stores, any Home Hardware or any branch of the Sudbury Credit Union. 25 cents for every pound of batteries collected from these sites will go towards purchasing food for families in our Community that cannot afford to on their own.


Please help the environment and feed a family by recycling household batteries. There is a family in our community who will go hungry tonight...unless you help.



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